We Run Chamonix




Running can take you anywhere.


The Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc in Chamonix is a legendary ultra-marathon that follows a route through the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps. Known as the most difficult foot race in Europe and stretching 103 miles, every step gives a new meaning to the word breathtaking. This was Nike’s first year with Athletes participating in the race, and they wanted to show their running community where running could take them.



“Let's take 8 Nike+ members trail running … in the Alps.” OK...Nike was doing what Nike does — dreaming big. So we dreamt with them to elevate their running community. Literally.


We packed our bags and headed to Chamonix. From the high school teacher to the entrepreneur, they were all runners, but none of them had ever been challenged like this before. We captured their experience as they ran portions of the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc and looped around the incredible Mont Blanc peak, which stands nearly 16,000 feet high. In between runs, we held our breathe as we watched 3 of Nike’s Athletes compete in the race, running 24 hours straight to reach first and second place. Surrounded by the beauty of the alps, by the end, we were all convinced: running will take you places if you let it.



From a brand story to a member story. 


Our content highlighted real Nike+ members and heroized their story in the community. The trails they ran, the distance they covered and the elevation they gained tested them, but the run kept them going. With their authentic experience in an otherwise elite setting we created something honest, transparent, human and inspiring for the Nike+ community. It left us all to imagine - where could running take me?