The World's Cup




For Coca-Cola the FIFA World Cup isn't just about one country, it truly is the World's Cup.


The team at Coca-Cola understood that it’s more than just football, it’s a cross-cultural moment that captures more attention and sparks more dreams than any other. For the 2014 event, they were bringing a group of kids who saw the world in football and wanted to capture their journey to the match. They came to us to extend their global campaign during the event and capture the spirit of the moment.



What if we could see the FIFA World Cup through the eyes of its biggest dreamers?


Charged with creating content that could go live while the euphoria and competition of the Cup was still in full swing, we set up shop in Rio and worked for 72 hours straight to get this film shot, edited, and online for the world to see. Our premium content captured the authentic story of each kid in this experience of a lifetime, and allowed Coca-cola to share it with the world in real time.



Using powerful moments to spark powerful messages.


Our role allowed Coca-Cola to share a relevant and inspirational message when the audience would be the most receptive to it. The swift capture and turn-around ultimately allowed a massive brand to share a human and authentic moment that kept them connected while creating hyper relevance within a global event.