Furniture Row



Nascar had a new unexpected leader, but for this team it was anything but unexpected.


In the Nascar world, Furniture Row Racing is considered the small fish, the outsiders. Most thought they were crazy for residing outside of the traditional Charlotte, NC hub, but for their fans, Furniture Row Racing was the dark horse. The team had hit a hot streak late into the 2016 season, and Conscious Minds helped drive awareness and engagement across all social and digital channels to drive the fan conversation.




With the championship on the line, we invited fans to share and unite their pride.


We launched #WEARE78 as a campaign that harkened the founding rebellious spirit of the Furniture Row Racing team. An ode to tenacity and boldness that defined their team, their driver, and ultimately their fans. The goal was simple, lets raise the 78 flag and allow fans across the Nation to rally together, to find a common ground in their drive for the championship. The campaign launched with the hero film - revealing 6 fans stories, hard working men, women, and kids of America, who possess the same fight as the Furniture Row team. We captured content live on race days, with a live publishing strategy, as well as pre-baked content that was curated throughout race weekend.



Nike needed to pivot it’s basketball storytelling from elite and untouchable to approachable and relatable.


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