Guy Walks




Since the mid 1800s, Levi’s has been woven into the fabric of our country.


They’ve inspired us to embrace Americana and be pioneers. Levi's was looking to capture that spirit and highlight their iconic 501 blue jeans for a summer moment when we stepped in, and they sponsored us. Viral video was the name of the game, so we scoured the internet for trends and learnings to craft something that would ignite on YouTube. We knew it had to be big but authentic.




Walking across America in a pair of Levi’s.


We wanted to see the journey from one coast to the next in a minute and half. It was aggressive, but it was pioneering. So we took a trip (a long trip), coast to coast, through America’s Heartland. Using stop-motion video, we captured the journey of one man walking across the US. We traveled for over 2 weeks in an RV and pieced together 2,770 pictures from New York City to San Francisco. Frame by frame, the time-lapse visual captures the neighborhoods, cities, and landmarks of America - including the iconic Levi’s 501 blue jean.



Guy Walks reached a critical mass within days of its release.


The film quickly received more than 10 million views online. It's popularity and creative achievements also received media recognition from over 50 media outlets and blogs, including USA Today, ABC, and even a live interview on CNN with Conscious Minds' founder, Blake Heal. Later that year it went on to receive some top awards from the marketing industry, including Top Ten Most Innovative Viral Ads of 2010 on AdWeek. To this day, it still has the highest organic views of any digital content in Levi's history.