Covering America

MSNBC - The Rachel Maddow Show



To tell America’s story, you have to live America’s story.


Every night on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow stands in as the voice of people across America. She covers our story and brings us the most important news. To promote her show, the network wanted to bring to life her passion for America and dedication to telling its story. They wanted to find a way to show her ear to the ground approach, walking the streets and getting to know the people. The problem? With her schedule, we couldn’t get her outside of New York.

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We created a visual metaphor to represent the entire country.


Using projections we showcased all the ground Rachel Maddow covers. We worked with her news team to research the most relevant stories happening in America. For over two weeks, we traveled across the country capturing authentic and compelling moments. Then in a studio, we placed Rachel on a treadmill as we projected those images behind her. Using a pre-visualization animation process, we choreographed her movements in order to create optimal camera angles and flow. As she walks, she observes, taking in the pulse of America. 



In the year after the promotion ran, The Rachel Maddow Show’s ratings had doubled.


With over 2 million viewers regularly tuning in, it became MSNBC’s #1 show. While the breadth of the news that occurred and her approach to telling it have been the main drivers of her success, we like to think we helped get the word out. We may not have been able to bring Rachel to the people, but we’re happy to say we could bring them to her.