A Method to Pinning




Method was invited by Pinterest to be the first native advertiser to implement sponsored pins.


Known for their innovation from revolutionizing home products, Method wanted to set the bar high. They tapped us to bring a fresh point of view on how to redefine brand integration on an emerging advertising platform. Known for our experience launching and integrating brands on social platforms, we were armed and ready to crack the code on Pinterest.




We created a unique world inspired by each Method product.


Bursting at the seams of each product was a whimsical and fresh brand narrative that informed hand-crafted, unique environments for each of the products. Each scene was charged with visuals and color coordination in an effort to activate consumers' senses. All products were shot within the environments we built in studio. 



Inserting brands into consumer conversations.


We hold a high conviction for brands to understand their audience and their behaviors authentically, so that they can insert themselves into the conversation in a human and emotive manner. It was an incredible challenge to bring the first brand to a platform where the consumers' space was still owned by their own stories. A space that we knew other brands would be eagerly awaiting to insert themselves into. Our campaign for Method became the case study of best practices for brands as they began to deploy on the emerging advertising platform, Pinterest.