Living the Daydream




There’s nothing more vivid and whimsical than a child’s imagination.


Kids live in a unique world - and in that space, their daydreams come to life. We’ve all been there - when a kid says the water bottle you're holding is a missile, then you better believe it’s a missile and the fate of the world is in your hands. We realized we could tap into the power of a child’s imagination to get moms and their kids excited about new vitamins, while also showing the benefits of each one.




How could we use a kid’s daydream to transform the power of a vitamin?


We imagined what might happen in a child’s mind when they had Super Brainy, Growing Bones, Happy Tummy or Mighty Immunity vitamin to boost their lives. Using practical, crafted and color driven set design, we built a rich and visual 2D scene inspired by the abilities of each vitamin. This campaign captured a sneak peak into this imaginative, but relatable world.



Through these scenes we connected consumers to their playful inner child.


Daydreams may not be real, but we brought them to life in way that felt familiar, while being quirky and satisfyingly fun. In these playful scenes we introduced consumers to the world of Olly. The images lived on Instagram and extended onto .com to launch their Kid’s Boost line of vitamins and Super Foods product.