Savvy to the changing tides, Pine-Sol knew social norms, living situations, and gender dynamics were evolving and men needed to be a part of the cleaning conversation.


Traditionally, men haven’t been considered the target demographic for cleaning products. Pine-Sol wanted to sweep them off their feet and show them the power of their products. It had to grab their attention, but also stay authentic to the heritage of the brand.



We partnered with the iconic Pine-Sol Lady to show men just how powerful Pine-Sol can be.


We realized most millennial men grew up watching commercials with the Pine-Sol lady and we wanted to bring her back to do something unexpected. In some good clean fun, we brought in a group of guys to test out Pine-Sol products. Little did they know, as they cleaned, we had the Pine-Sol lady herself waiting to jump out for a classic prank (a beloved genre for this demographic).



We scared the hell out of a few, and caught the attention of many.


The film was picked up by media outlets with predominately millennial male audiences, including Sports Illustrated, Hungry Man, and USA Today. Nearly 2 million views later, it’s safe to say we showed the male demographic the power of Pine-Sol. Thrilled with the outcome, Clorox turned the surprise film concept into an on-going series, producing two follow ups to our film.