Meet Topspin




This social marketing software is so robust that UC Berkeley dedicated an entire course to it.


When the music industry technocrats at Topspin invited us to make a product video, we couldn’t make a run-of-the-mill explainer video. We were tasked with showcasing a powerful platform that allows the latest up-and-coming bands to connect directly to their fans. So this thing had to be cool.




When you have a hyper-sensitive audience like the music industry, authenticity is king.


We went the route of distilling all those features into a simple narrative about a bass player named Parker. We even used on-the-rise band, Les Blanks, to showcase the many ways bands can sell merch. The resulting film not only helped connect Top-Spin to the latest and greatest bands, but in turn those bands to the fans. Looks like there is such a thing as a win-win situation.