Waterman Things

Hurley & JJF



Waterman: one who works or lives on the water.


Two-Time World Champion John John Florence has taken the surfing world by storm. At the on-set of his career he has earned the respect of the greats and the praise of his loyal fans. But the limelight is not the place JJF wants to be found, he is far more interested in anything that has to do with the ocean. From sailing to surfing, diving to ocean health, John John is on his way to becoming a Waterman - the honored title that is bestowed upon on the wisest and most experienced water professionals.  




Pass on the wisdom, Hurley invited their fans to join the movement. 


Working with the amazing team at Hurley we wanted to craft a campaign that would share, explore, and empower JJF’s great passion of becoming a Waterman. We knew JJF didn’t want to be part of a “campaign” so we created a tool, a physical book that would be an invitation for fans everywhere to join JJF in the pursuit of becoming a fan. Made of waterproof paper and chalked-full of insightful and practical lessons, a guide that can be kept on your boat, in your surf bag, and referenced time and again. Of course we took the book and turned it into a digital campaign that would reach across social, digital, and retail - with content to unpack the how-to of each lesson. The content was filmed in the greatest surf spots in the world - South Africa, Fiji, and Hawaii by John John and his crew. 




A daring departure from the normal surf campaign. 


It was a welcomed creative challenge to be briefed by a surf brand that wanted to leverage the passions of their lead athlete, to move beyond the obvious sport of surfing and into the broader water culture loved by their fans. Hurley created value for their fans through this campaign by creating a tool, a refreshing iteration on brand marketing, and we were honored to help bring it to life. 

All the proceeds of the book went to KoKua Hawai’i Foundation, a non-profit that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii as well as Sunset Beach school.