You Got Next



Today, kids are more connected than ever before, but with all this access to entertainment and information, they’ve become the least active generation in history. 

Nike knows that participating in sport inspires greatness in us all — from higher test scores, to healthier lifestyle habits, and even a stronger sense of self-worth. They wanted to encourage kids to start playing again, because they

Nike tapped us to create a YouTube series that would encourage kids to get moving and dream big. This couldn’t simply be another piece of entertainment, this had to be something that would truly inspire them to play.




We developed a YouTube series called “You Got Next”, where we paired up Elite level Athletes with Young Athlete creators to play together and show the power of sport. 

In each episode, Young Athlete creators invented games to play with the Athletes, as they competed head to head in actions rooted in traditional sports. From LeBron James and Sky Katz making PB&Js and shooting them into backpacks, to Demarjay Smith and Ndamukong Suh kicking field goals off a swing set, we wanted to show kids how much fun sport can be, and that you can play by your own rules.  

Each film included fun stickers to add a relatable tone, and make it feel like something viewers could replicate on their social channels. At the end of each film, Young Athlete creators encouraged their fans to get out their with a call to action “You Got Next”. 




The films together totaled 1.4million views, organically, and received thousands of comments from kids who felt inspired to get moving. 

ndamukong suh