Nike React



As the biggest innovation in running to date, the Nike Epic React pushes the boundary of sport. A soft, springy, light-weight, long-lasting sensation, it packs every running advantage into a single shoe. After a massive launch, Nike wanted to continue to tell the story of what a unique experience that provided runners. We were tasked with building on the existing franchise of “Go”, which already consisted of campaigns around "Choose Go", and "Go Far". 



React is more than an exceptional run, React is a switch into a totally new kind of a run, one so deeply enhanced that it transports you into a new world. React is a switch into Go Mode. 

We brought the experience of Go Mode to life with Chloe Kim, an Olympic Gold Medalist for snowboarding and Devon Allen, an Olympic Hurdler. As they laced up and took off for a run, we captured their live action performance and expressed the feeling of this enhanced run experience using 2D illustrations. The illustrations pay off the product benefits through hyper-realistic and exaggerated moments, but also reflect the sport of each Athlete. 



The evolution of storytelling we unlocked for Nike became a gold standard for the Running category.