How do you launch a new brand, in a relatively unknown category? You tap Conscious Minds to dream up something people can sink their teeth into. 

CBD oil is a fast moving, new industry in the modern world. It has many applications for achieving wellness, from anti-anxiety to anti-inflammation. However, as an emerging category, it’s largely misunderstood — which meant room to grow a strong, trustworthy brand. So Resilience CBD partnered with us to build theirs from scratch, including positioning, branding, website, product deign, and copy. 



After workshopping with the founders, speaking to their customers, and reading everything we could find about CBD, we realized that it’s a natural advantage to anyone looking to achieve a fitness goal. 

Most gym-goers were missing one crucial step in reaching their goals — recovery. Yet it’s the recovery process that turns hard work into results. Resilience CBD works with our natural recovery system to accelerate that process. We built the brand around this idea: Resilience is the Champion for Recovery. As the premium CBD brand for the everyday gym goer, we invited their community to do more tomorrow, because their mind and bodies were recovering today.

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Resilience CBD is revolutionizing the way people talk about and understand CBD.