Driver Dreams

UBER Driver Stories



Yes UBER provides transportation, but they offer much more to their drivers.


We have all experienced the brilliance and simplicity of the ride sharing service that has redefined the transportation industry. But what we haven’t heard about is that in their seemingly endless growth they face a challenge of awareness. They aren’t looking for more riders, they need more drivers. UBER commissioned us to celebrate the stories of UBER drivers from around the world - stories that highlight how a ride sharing service moves beyond transportation and empowers people everywhere to reach their goals and their dreams.




Craft a campaign that celebrates UBER's support in bringing their drivers goals and dreams to fruition. 


We set out to find drivers, lots of drivers, and not just drivers who drove, but drivers who were driven by something greater then their daily rides. We looked everywhere, we even took a week around the United States to take rides with random drivers just so we could hear their stories. In the end we knew we needed to not try and find the one story, no, we had to decide how we were going to tell all the stories we were hearing - cause they seemed endless. We wanted to create an anthology of these powerful memoroirs of these driven UBER drivers. We worked with UBER to create a campaign that ran on traditional and digital platforms including their driver page on You can see John’s story above, an aspiring olympian, UBER has provided the schedule flexibility that he needed for his training. 




UBER gave their drivers a voice.  


The human endeavor is a powerful narrative to explore - and these stories were no different. From Los Angeles to Chicago to New York these drivers stories became the powerful recruiting tool UBER was looking for. The driver stories allowed UBER to appeal to the broader audience revealing the depth and impact that UBER can have on an individuals goals and dreams. Future drivers weren’t the only ones impacted by these stories, our team at CM was profoundly challenged and inspired by the impact UBER was having on a daily basis.