Behind the Bowl

Progresso Behind The Bowl



Big food gets a bad rap. We get it. Conglomerates and corporations aren't sexy. Artisanal is all the rage, and rightfully so.


Strategy agency Zeus Jones recognized this skepticism in millennials towards Progresso Soup. For years big food brands have hidden behind the curtain of logos and flashy advertising, while keeping both their humanity and food practices tucked away from consumers. It’s easy for today’s hyper sensitive eaters to assume the worst. Those tomatoes were created in a petri dish, right?




Show the care and passion all the way from recipe to can.


As the storytelling parter for agency Zeus Jones, we architected a content series that explored the people behind the bowl and whether good food could come in a can. What we brought to the table was a character-driven, episodic journey to be hosted by food storyteller, Liza de Guia. When we peeled back the layers, we discovered that Progresso’s roots started with a homemade recipe. Their clam chowder is crafted with clams that go from sea to can in hours, and their kitchens are filled with talented chefs imaginging new and exciting recipes every day. It turns out good soup can come from a can.




Soup enthusiasts and average consumers saw the real love that goes into every can of Progresso soup.


Not only did the series get showcased in a digital hub and across multiple social channels that racked up millions of views, but the series proved to be another example of humanizing a corporation through honest storytelling and showing the people behind the brand. As fellow humans, we like that.