Nike Run Free



Running isn’t about routine, it’s about adventure.


In 2013, Nike wanted to get people out of their running rut, and join Nike's revolution. To them, running wasn’t simply about exercise, it was about creating a culture of community and freely exploring the world together. They came to us to concept and implement a campaign that would inspire this fundamental shift and empower people to Run Free.




Start a movement by running free.


Sparked by the innovation of the Nike Free running shoe, we inspired consumers to ditch the roads well traveled and instead push the boundaries of where we can run. We launched the @NikeRunning channel on Instagram, and seeded a series of weekly themes that inspired the community to join the movement and share their experiences running free. Then we kicked things up a notch and asked runners to dream up their most epic run. The campaign culminated in a vote, and we took a group of consumers on the run of their dreams. We packed our bags for Iceland, and shared their journey across glaciers and under the northern lights on Instagram. 




A campaign that redefined running.


Conscious Minds launched @NikeRunning on Instagram with the #RunFree campaign. The message we shared redefined running and evolved the community’s understanding of what it can mean. Built to inspire, Run Free made consumers think differently about running and demonstrated that it's not just about a race or a distance, but about community and adventure. Everything we made was built around this new concept in order to engage and rally the community, and they responded in force. Run Free challenged consumers to run farther, faster, to run with friends - to run Free.