Glasses Do the Talking

Stanton Optical



Growing a retail prescription glasses brand through a national broadcast campaign.


Stanton Optical, a national eyeglass brand, which had previously only executed regional campaigns, wanted to build brand awareness and cut through the muck of mundane creative typically seen in eyeglass commercials. We loved their audacity to take on the mega-players in the stagnant industry and were committed to champion their brand and their potential through their first National TV Campaign.




Your glasses are saying a lot about you, and some of it isn’t so flattering.


Our vision was a narrative series where glasses take on a life of their own and there are no first impression do-overs. From first dates and job interviews to your circle of friends - your glasses are doing the talking. For some, their glasses have upped their game, while others their glasses have sunk their chances to close the deal or be taken serious. We all know the feeling, wondering how do I look as a four-eyes and it isn't a curiousity to be taken lightly.




National reach, targeted messaging.


With 70 locations spread across the Nation, Stanton needed a TV campaign that would fit their budget and drive regional sales in each of their unique retail destinations. We crafted over two thousand unique cuts to fit Stantons sales needs.