Keep It Wild

Keep It Wild - 4Runner



Toyota was invited by Instagram to be one of the first native advertisers implementing the new carousel feature.


Looking to tell premium stories to engage the Instagram community, Saatchi & Saatchi, Toyota’s agency of record, turned to us. We created a seamless integration into the lifestyle-centric content users shared on the platform that was essential to Toyota's success, and to the success of future advertisers on the platform.




Showcase the all new 4Runner, and target the adventurous consumer with a simple, but powerful message: Keep It Wild.


We captured the journey of 5 athletes' adventures in the wild, all with their trusty 4Runners. From rock climbers to kayakers, we shared their stories with compelling, aspirational visuals. We gave users something in their feed that would stop their scrolling on a dime and make them rethink their plans for the weekend - the wild was calling. The mesmerizing outdoor adventure and call to action to "Keep It Wild" also set a tone for how advertisers should approach the emerging advertising platform.




Engaging as they were aspiring, we inspired both Toyota's audience and future advertisers.


Our campaign for Toyota set the gold standard for how brands should move forward in advertising on Instagram. In total, we created 150 assets (film and photography), each with unique and thoughtfully crafted imagery that would speak to specific audiences. With our bespoke content, Toyota was able to communicate to consumers based on their passion points and interest layers, achieving a compelling targeting campaign in the process.